Fate/stay night A.OST (2006) [FLAC]

『フェイト/ステイナイト 2006』Fate/stay night A.OST (2006) [Anime Original Soundtrack]

MusicKenji Kawai
ComposerKenji Kawai, Yoshiaki Dewa, Number 201,
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, James Harris, KATE*
Release DateJune 28, 2006
TracklistFate/stay night A.OST (2006)
01. Disillusion (TV Size) [Fate/stay night 2006 OP1]
02. Baptism
03. Night Of Fate
04. Bright Boy And Girl
05. Fuji-Nee’s Theme
06. Lonely Pilgrimage
07. Magician
08. Continually Changing Fate
09. Holy Grail
10. Requiem Of Spirits
11. Dyed Clouds
12. Servant In The Name Of Justice
13. Einzbern Forest
14. The Scar That Never Heals
15. The Distant View Of Winter Trees
16. Inheriting The Seal
17. Decayed Lineage
18. The Black Cross
19. Beautiful Flowers
20. Enveloping Darkness
21. Ancient Folklore
22. King Of Heroes
23. Emiya -Kenji Kawai Ver.-
24. Fuji-Nee’s Theme -Triple Time Ver.-
25. Idol Student
26. Depths Of Another World
27. Spiritual Abyss
28. Winter Fairies
29. Now Leave That Sword
30. Blood Knight
31. Contract
32. Sword Of Promised Victory -Kenji Kawai Ver.-
33. Eternal Punishment
34. Bonds
35. The Treacherous Witch
36. Bad Omen
37. Roar Of The Universe
38. La Sola
39. Dashing Rivals
40. Anata Ga Ita Mori (Tv Size) [Fate/stay night 2006 ED]
FLAC Size482MB
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