Visual Prison Original Soundtrack

『ヴィジュアルプリズン オリジナルサウンドトラック』

Visual Prison Original Soundtrack

Music & ComposerElements Garden (Hitoshi Fujima, Daisuke Kikuta, Seima Kondo)
Release DateDecember 15, 2021
TracklistVisual Prison Original Soundtrack
01. 紅い月
02. Into the Labyrinth
03. Hymn -descent of the wings-
04. Stormy Eden -blowing up-
05. Blue Skies -thawing wind-
06. Black or White
07. The Luminous Charm of Selene
08. I Sing For
09. Harmony
10. Every day is a new day!
11. Cracked Libra
12. Rejection
13. Lunar Gravity
14. Twilight
15. Twinkling Stars in the Daylight
16. Intermezzo
17. An Intruder
18. Red Stained Cross
19. Reflection of a Tender Light
20. Where I Belong
21. Enchanted
22. Crowned Clown
23. Crystal Cold
24. Tailwind
25. I Got It!
26. Hymn -sparkling path with a perfect butler-
27. stretto
28. Blue Skies -bloom in the moonlight-
29. Stormy Eden -silent rebellion-
30. Dissonance
31. Thorns
32. Stormy Eden -salvation-
33. CARMILLAAn Alluring Rose in Shangri-La
34. Hide-and-SING
35. CATS
36. Hymn -ODINary life-
37. Cloud Over
38. Fading Light
39. forget-me-notThe Blue Flower
40. Fuse
41. Love in Vain
42. A Marigold in Abyss
43. 蒼い空
Audio Format320kbps
MP3 Size180MB
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