Shingeki no Bahamut GENESIS OST Collection [MP3/FLAC]

『神撃のバハムート』Shingeki no Bahamut GENESIS Opening & Ending Theme + Original Soundtrack

Shingeki no Bahamut GENESIS OP Single – EXiSTENCE

ANGELS and DEViLS SiM OP Single - EXiSTENCE Shingeki no Bahamut GENESIS
Release DateJune 10, 2015
Tracklist01. EXiSTENCE
02. Millions of Stones
File SizeMP3 21MB | FLAC 63MB
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Shingeki no Bahamut GENESIS ED Single – Promised Land

ED Single - Promised Land Shimizu Risa Shingeki no Bahamut GENESIS
ArtistShimizu Risa
Release DateJanuary 28, 2015
Tracklist01. Promised Land
02. Promised Land piano ver.
03. Promised Land Instrumental
04. Promised Land piano ver. Instrumental
File SizeMP3 38MB | FLAC 107MB
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Shingeki no Bahamut GENESIS Original Soundtrack

Shingeki no Bahamut GENESIS Original Soundtrack
ArtistYoshihiro Ike, M-2.36 – Ending Theme
Vocal & Lyrics: Risa Shimizu
Music & Arrangement: Yoshihiro Ike
Release DateApril 29, 2015
TracklistShingeki no Bahamut GENESIS Original Soundtrack
01 Rage of Bahamut
02 A Friendly Chase
03 Seriously?
04 Bounty Hunter in Shining Armor
05 Encounters
06 Seal Sceau Khatam
07 Demon Attack
08 In the Hippogriff
09 Foreigner
10 She-Devil
11 Clamor in the Moonlight
12 A Threat
13 Shadow of Bahamut
14 Starting Bell
15 Holy Angels
16 Your Kiss Tastes Like Tail
17 Rendezvous with the Future
18 Hall of Horrors
19 Sip of Passion
20 Ready to Kill
21 I Am Amira
22 Thinking of Mother
23 Impassioned
24 The Horse and I
25 An Arrow Aimed at Tomorrow
26 Gregor
27 Misty City
28 Troll
29 Seeing Things
30 Farewell to a Fiction
31 With Rita
32 Morning in Ysmenport
33 Searching for a Ship
34 Amon’s Punch
35 Know this One?
36 Instant Death
37 The Swordsman and Magic and Betrayal
38 Goddamn
39 Rita and the Sea
40 Wings of Determination
41 Swords and Runny Noses
42 The End
43 Orleans Knights
44 True Fire
45 On the Wyvern
46 Back to the Cocytus
47 Amira’s Conflagration
48 Liar!
49 Heavenly Music
50 Gentle Voice
51 Father and Child
52 No Fooling Around!
53 Mission
54 Raid
55 Azazel? Azazel! Azazel?!

01. Light of Maltet
02. I’m Me, You’re You
03. Timeless Friendship
04. Good Morning Anatae
05. Bahamut & Amira
06. Memories of the Cocoon
07. Thinking of Father
08. Investiture
09. Ignoring the King
10. Visions of Mother
11. Memories of Nicole
12. The Feeling’s Mutual
13. Escape by Night
14. Decoy
15. Trap
16. Negotiations
17. Ancient Forest Dragon
18. Smoke Signals at Warbreak
19. Reality and the Woods
20. Rita’s Infiltration
21. Dark Jeanne
22. With Beelzebub Itself
23. An Existential Threat
24. Favaro
25. Ready to Go
26. God Killer
27. Unheard Scream
28. Falling
29. Michael’s Heart
30. Azazel Strikes Back
31. Chorus of Despair
32. Last Choice
33. Wings of Hope
34. Thinking of Amira
35. The Journey’s End
36. Promised Land
37. Preview
File SizeMP3 320K 337MB
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