Genshin Impact – The Stellar Moments Vol. 2 [MP3/Hi-Res!]

『げんしん』Genshin Impact – The Stellar Moments Vol. 2

ArtistYu-Peng Chen, Dimeng Yuan, Qian Ding, Xin Zhao
Release DateJanuary 26, 2022
TracklistGenshin Impact – The Stellar Moments Vol. 2
01. Path of Yaksha
02. Broker Betwixt Life and Death
03. Any Last Words
04. Shadow of Nemesis
05. Marching of Xiezhi
06. The Frozen Emblem
07. Dance of Aphros
08. Iridescent Summer Day
09. Drifter’s Destiny
10. Flow of Autumn Wind
11. Shirasagi Princess
12. Muji-Muji Chaos!
13. Eternity in a Moment
14. Blossoms of Summer Night
15. Will of Thunder
16. Good Hunting on a New Horizon
17. Tactician’s Grit
18. A Glorious Awakening
19. Devotion of the Keeper
20. Awake From a Nightmare
21. Termination of Desires
Audio Format320kbps | 24Bit/48kHz
MP3/FLAC Size72MB | 364MB
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