Genshin Impact – The Shimmering Voyage Vol.2

『原神-珍珠之歌2 The Shimmering Voyage Vol.2』

Genshin Impact – The Shimmering Voyage Vol.2

HOYO-MiX (Yu-Peng Chen, Dimeng Yuan, Yijun Jiang, Xin Zhao, Qian Ding)
Release Date
August 15, 2022
Genshin Impact – The Shimmering Voyage Vol.2
Disc 01 A Vagrant Breeze 幻世浮生
01. Pathos of Shirasagi 白鹭舒翼
02. The Comrades’ Ambush 妙策急袭
03. Trial of Thunder 雷霆之判
04. Shogun’s Abdication 裁决已定…?
05. Unpredicted Conspiracy 未料的密谋
06. A Sense of Foreboding 危急的预觉
07. Wreck of Eternal Bane 虚荣的落幕
08. Marching to Victory 向着胜利
09. Approaching Thunder 疾雷万钧
10. Bitter Triumph 苦涩的凯旋
11. Her Imperial Majesty 殊胜之身
12. Eureka Moment 灵光乍现
13. Odyssey to the Uncharted 另一段旅途
14. Unforeseen Disaster 急转直下
15. Fury Unleashed 晶明的怒火
16. Separate Ways 命途两歧
17. Take This! 救星登场
18. Suffering of Parting 爱别离苦
19. Under the Sun 风定天晴
20. Vanished Beyond Recall 渐淡的旧事
21. Nothing but a Dream 泡沫的永恒
22. Illusory Apparitions 郁郁的形影
23. Midnight in Mondstadt 蒙德的午夜
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