Faylan – PRISM (Album) / OVA Mirai Nikki Redial ED

Faylan – PRISM (Album) / Mirai Nikki Redial ED Single

Release DateMarch 20, 2013
Tracklist01. prism flower
02. Blood teller
03. Soukyuu no Hikari
04. RED love
05. crime of love
06. WHITE justice
08. moment
09. Sousei no Thanatos
10. Realization
11. Dead END
12. RED decision
13. promise you…

M02 – Anime: Mirai Nikki 1st Ending Theme
M03 – Game: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extended Opening Theme
M06 – Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 3rd Ending Theme
M07 – Anime: OVA Mirai Nikki Redial Ending Theme
M09 – Game: Grisaia no Meikyuu True Route Ending Theme
M10 – Anime: Hagure Yusha no Aesthetica Opening Theme
M11 – Anime: Mirai Nikki 2nd Opening Theme
M12 – Game: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Universe Accel/Cosmic Drive Opening Theme
Audio Format16Bit/44.1kHz
FLAC Size472MB
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