Zankyou no Terror OST Music Collection [FLAC]

Zankyou no Terror 残響のテロル Opening & Ending OST Music Collection

OP Single – Trigger (from Galileo Galilei) Zankyou no Terror

Trigger--Yuuki-Ozaki-(from-Galileo-Galilei) Zankyou no Terror
ArtistYuuki Ozaki
Release DateAugust 27, 2014
Tracklist01. Trigger
02. ドブと小舟と僕らの神話 (single ver.)
03. 足のつく海
File SizeFLAC 79MB
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ED Single – Dare ka, Umi wo. EP

Dare ka, Umi wo. EP Aimer Zankyou no Terror
Release DateSeptember 03, 2014
Tracklist01. 誰か、海を。
02. for ロンリー with 阿部真央
03. 眠りの森 (Kazuki Remix) with Yuuki Ozaki (from Galileo Galilei)
04. Cold Sun (Ryo Nagano Remix) with 永野亮(APOGEE)
05. 誰か、海を。 (TV Size)
06. 白昼夢 (TV Edit)
07. 誰か、海を。 (Instrumental)
File SizeFLAC 197MB
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Zankyou no Terror Original Soundtrack Vol.1

Zankyou no Terror Original Soundtrack Vol.1
ArtistYoko Kanno, Arnór Dan, Hanna Berglind, POP ETC
Ryo Nagano, Hilmar Jensson, Tsuneo Imahori
Susumu Nishikawa, Andri Ólafsson, Keisuke Torigoe
TOKIE, Magnús Trygvason Eliassen, Yasuo Sano
Yoichi Okabe, Junichiro Taku, Reykjavik Sinfonia
Release DateJuly 09, 2014
Tracklist01. lolol
02. von (feat. Arnor Dan)
03. ess
04. saga
05. fugl
06. hanna (feat. Hanna Berglind)
07. veat
08. lava (feat. POP ETC)
09. walt
10. birden (feat. Arnor Dan)
11. Fa
12. nc17
13. is (feat. POP ETC)
14. 22 (feat. Ryo Nagano)
15. seele
16. lev low
17. ili lolol
18. bless (feat. Arnor Dan)
File SizeFLAC 384MB
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Zankyou no Terror Original Soundtrack Vol.2

Zankyou no Terror Original Soundtrack Vol.2
ArtistYuuki Ozaki, Aimer, Yoko Kanno, Hilmar Jensson
Susumu Nishikawa, Andri Ólafsson, Magnús Trygvason Eliassen
Yasuo Sano, Reykjavik Sinfonia, Masahiko Todo Strings
Junichiro Taku, Gabriela Robin
Release DateOctober 22, 2014
Tracklist01. Trigger
02. kvak
03. crystalized
04. cket
05. ioloi
06. wilhelm
07. Dobu to Kobune to Bokura no Shinwa (Full Ver.)
08. velle
09. orfn
10. juno
11. wolke
12. alois
13. future terror
14. vad
15. pcp
16. vial
17. elan
18. Dare ka, Umi wo.
File SizeFLAC 333MB
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