Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song Original Soundtrack [MP3&FLAC]

『ヴィヴィ -フローライトアイズソング- オリジナル・サウンドトラック』Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song Original Soundtrack

ComposerSatoru Kosaki (MONACA), Ryuichi Takada (MONACA),
Keigo Hoashi (MONACA), Kakeru Ishihama (MONACA),
Franz Liszt
Release DateJune 30, 2021
TracklistDISC 1
01 Project : Singularity
02 The Archives
03 Smile a Little More
04 Navi -Usual Conversation-
05 Hacking
06 Matsumoto, the Stuffed Bear
07 The Scourge of the Future
08 Vivy -The First Battle-
09 The Minutes Are Ticking Away
10 A Flowchart of Fate
11 On-Screen Malevolence
12 Vivy -Progressive-
13 The Mission at Hand
14 Vivy -Cutting Edge-
15 Anti-AIism -Theme of Toak-
16 “It’s not about how long we live, it’s how we live.”
17 Vivy -Unrivaled-
18 When It’s All Over
19 Putting Forth My Heart and Soul
20 Matsumoto -He Will Surely Come-
21 Entrusted Future
22 Peaceful Moment in a Sunrise
23 The Pinky Promise
24 Remembering You, Forever

01 Metal Float -Beyond Control-
02 Hatred -Theme of KAKITANI-
03 The Happiest Moment of His Life is…
04 A Crushing Farewell
05 Diva -The Perfect Singer-
06 La Campanella
07 From Lament to Determination
08 Time Flies
09 Fluorite Eye’s Song -Prototype-
10 Sleep Well, Vivy
11 Up Against the Formidable
12 The Core of ARAYASHIKI
14 I Rely on Your Song
15 Fluorite Eye’s Song -Piano Version-
16 Tenderness between Sisters
17 The Invisible Fear
18 Gruesome Scene
19 “Pardon ??”
20 Hope for The Future
MP3/FLAC Size241MB | 486MB
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