ULTRAMAN Netflix Music from the Original Anime Series [FLAC/MP3]

ウルトラマン 2019 ULTRAMAN Music from the Netflix Original Anime Series

ULTRAMAN Netflix Music from the Netflix Original Anime Series

ArtistNobuko Toda, Kazuma Jinnouchi
Release DateJuly 12, 2019
TracklistULTRAMAN Netflix Music from the Netflix Original Anime Series
02 Giant of Light
03 Foreshadow
04 S.S.S.P.
05 The First Enemy
06 Shinjiro
07 What is this power?
08 Bemular 2:19
09 Father’s Truth
10 DNA
11 I am Ultraman
12 Bemular vs Ultraman
13 Ultraman Suit
14 First Mission
15 Inevitable
16 Alien Criminal
17 Murder Suspect
18 Training Mission
19 Rescue Operation
20 Dan Moroboshi
21 Back to School
22 On the Mission
23 Alien Adacic
24 Discrepancy
25 Conspiracy
26 Alien Adacic vs Ultraman
27 Alien Bris
28 Unresolved Case

29 Rivalry
30 Alien Igaru
31 Alien Street
32 Underground Fight Club
34 The Red
35 Agent Adad
36 Let’s get the show on the road
37 Star Cluster Council
38 Shinjiro’s Awakening
39 Aftermath
40 Departure
41 Discord
42 Seiji Hokuto
43 Underground Battle
44 ACE
45 Seiji’s Determination
46 Ultraman vs Ultraman
47 Revelation
48 It’s a trap
49 Ace Killer
50 Ace Killer Squad vs Ultraman
51 Ultraman Squad
52 Warrior of Light
53 Into the Light
Audio Format320K | 16Bit/44.1kHz
File SizeMP3 174MB | FLAC 573MB
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