PSYCHO-PASS Sinners of the System Theme songs+ Dedicated by MASAYUKI NAKANO [MP3/Hi-Res!]

『サイコパスSS』PSYCHO-PASS Sinners of the System Theme songs+ Dedicated by MASAYUKI NAKANO『中野雅之』

Psycho-Pass-SS-Remix-Masayuki-Sinners of the System
RemixedMasayuki Nakano
PerformerLing tosite sigure, Nothing’s Carved In Stone
VocalsEGOIST (chelly)
ComposerTK, ryo (supercell), Nothing’s Carved In Stone
Release DateApril 03, 2019
Tracklist01. abnormalize
02. 名前のない怪物
03. All Alone With You
04. Who What Who What
05. Fallen
06. Out of Control
07. Enigmatic Feeling
08. abnormalize -Psycho-Pass SS OP ver
09. Fallen -Psycho-Pass SS Case.1 ED ver
10. All Alone With You -Psycho-Pass SS Case.2 ED ver
11. 名前のない怪物 -Psycho-Pass SS Case.3 ED ver
MP3/FLAC Size94MB | 533MB Hi-Res! 24/48Khz
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Psycho-Pass All OST Collection

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