MASKED RIDER Theme Song Complete Works (2003) [FLAC]


MASKED RIDER Theme Song Complete Works

TracklistArtist: Hiroshi Fujioka, Male Harmony, Koichi Fuji Masato Shimon,
Hiroshi Miyauchi, The Swingers, Ichiro Mizuki, Columbia Yurikago-kai,
Mitsuko Horie, Koorogi ’73, The Chirps, Shunsuke Takasugi, Naoto Fuga,
Akira Kushida, Tetsuo Kurata, Norio Sakai, Takayuki Miyauchi, INFIX, BYUE,
Noriko Watanabe, Masayuki Tanaka, Jin Hashimoto, Shinichi Ishihara,
Lisa Ooki, ROLLY, Rica Matsumoto, Hiroshi Kitadani, RIDER CHIPS,
Keiko Terada
Release Date: July 23, 2003
01. ‘’Kamen Rider’’ Let’s Go!! Rider Kick
02. ‘’Kamen Rider’’ Let’s Go!! Rider Kick
03. ‘’Kamen Rider’’ Song of Masked_Rider
04. ‘’Kamen Rider’’ Rider Action
05. ‘’Kamen Rider’’ Lonely Masked_Rider
06. ‘’Kamen Rider V3’’ Fight! Masked_Rider V3
07. ‘’Kamen Rider V3’’ Song of the Junior Rider Corps
08. ‘’Kamen Rider V3’’ Dashing Hurricane
09. ‘’Kamen Rider X’’ Set Up! Masked_Rider X
10. ‘’Kamen Rider X’’ I am X X Rider
11. ‘’Kamen Rider Amazon’’ Amazon Rider is Here
12. ‘’Kamen Amazon’’ Amazon DaDaDa!!
13. ‘’Kamen Rider Stronger’’ Song of Masked_Rider Stronger
14. ‘’Kamen Rider Stronger’’ Stronger’s Daily Struggle
15. ‘’Kamen Rider Stronger’’ Stronger Action
16. ‘’Kamen Rider (Skyrider)’’ Burn! Masked_Rider
17. ‘’Kamen Rider (Skyrider)’’ Long Distance Love
18. ‘’Kamen Rider (Skyrider)’’ His Name is Masked_Rider
19. ‘’Kamen Rider (Skyrider)’’ Shine! 8 Riders
20. ‘’Kamen Rider (Skyrider)’’ Shine! 8 Riders (Movie Ver.)

01. ‘’Kamen Rider Super-1’’ Masked Rider Super-1
02. ‘’Kamen Rider Super-1’’ Fiery Rider Fist
03. ‘’Kamen Rider Super-1’’ Song of the Junior Rider Corps
04. ‘’Kamen Rider ZX’’ Dragon Road
05. ‘’Kamen Rider BLACK’’ Masked Rider BLACK
06. ‘’Kamen Rider BLACK’’ Long Long Ago, 20th Century
07. ‘’Kamen Rider BLACK RX’’ Masked Rider BLACK RX
08. ‘’Kamen Rider BLACK RX’’ Someone Loves You
09. ‘’Shin Kamen Rider’’ Forever
10. ‘’Kamen Rider ZO’’ Love Doesn’t Stop
11. ‘’Kamen Rider J’’ Hearts Connect Love
12. ‘’Kamen Rider Kuuga’’ Masked Rider Kuuga!
13. ‘’Kamen Rider Kuuga’’ Into the Blue Sky
14. ‘’Kamen Rider Agito’’ Masked Rider AGITO
15. ‘’Kamen Rider Agito’’ BELIEVE YOURSELF
16. ‘’Kamen Rider Agito’’ DEEP BREATH
17. ‘’Kamen Rider Ryuki’’ Alive A life
18. ‘’Kamen Rider Ryuki’’ Boundless Life
19. ‘’Kamen Rider Ryuki’’ Into the Eternal Flame
20. ‘’Kamen Rider Ryuki’’ REVOLUTION
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