Kimetsu no Yaiba Vol. 9 SPECIAL OST CD [MP3]

Kimetsu no Yaiba Vol. 9 鬼滅の刃 第九巻 特典ディスク 椎名 豪 劇伴音楽集5 SPECIAL OST CD

Kimetsu no Yaiba Vol. 9 TV Anime SPECIAL OST CD

ArtistGo Shiina
Release DateMarch 25, 2020
Tracklist01. Under the Full Moon
02. Confrontation with Father Spider
03. Water Breathing ~ From Second Form to Tenth Form
04. Kocho Shinobu Appears
05. Natagumo Mountain ~ The Smell of Fear
06. Forged Bond
07. Father Spider Attack
08. Running Away from Pursuers ~ Inosuke’s Fighting Spirit
09. Confrontation with Rui
10. Father Spider Molting
11. Hashibira Inosuke ~ Beast Breathing Third Fang ~ First Fang
12. Revolving Lantern
13. Tomioka Giyu’s Theme ~ Tanjiro’s Fight ~ Demon Slayer Corps
14. Pinch
15. Mismatched Haori
16. Protecting Tanjiro
17. Sibling Bond
18. Rui’s Proposal
19. Confrontation with the Twelve Kizuki
20. The Circle of Transmigration
21. Approaching Fear ~ Murderous Eye Basket
22. Dead Calm
23. My Family
24. A Hodgepodge of a Family
25. Fear Manipulation
26. Kocho’s Interrogation
27. Butterfly Dance ~ Caprice
28. Demon Slayer Corps ~ Insect Hashira
29. Searching for a Family Bond
30. Family Memories
31. Muzan’s Invitation
32. The Illusion of a Family
33. A Grief Too Overwhelming to Bear
34. Gentle Hands ~ Purify
35. Kamado Tanjiro’s Thoughts on Demons ~ Confrontation with Kocho
36. I’m Not Disliked By People
37. Carrying Nezuko
38. Hashira ~ Confrontation
39. Run, Nezuko!
40. Kasugai Crow Message
41. Natagumo Mountain ~ Dawn
42. Hashibira Inosuke ~ Full Version
43. Taisho Secrets
44. Insect Hashira Theme
File SizeMP3 157MB
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