Kaizoku Oujo Original Soundtrack [MP3/Hi-Res!]

『海賊王女 オリジナルサウンドトラック』Kaizoku Oujo Original Soundtrack

MusicYuki Kajiura
ComposerYuki Kajiura, Yoshiaki Dewa
VocalsJUNNA, Minori Suzuki
Release DateDecember 08, 2021
TracklistKaizoku Oujo Original Soundtrack
Disc 1

01. I was just a child
02. 海と真珠 (TV Edit Japanese Ver.)
03. the red-light district at night
04. happy feeling
05. noisy times
06. a small pearl
07. something strange is going on
08. the old knights
09. he’s behind your back
10. you have to choose your way
11. his name is Abel
12. the sea is never without a wave
13. dawn is breaking, ship is on the way
14. something ugly in the air
15. the waves rippling
16. calling of my heart
17. fight to the finish
18. everyday is a gift
19. tender memories
20. a lively town
21. to find your truth
22. give me truth
Disc 2
01. ruins
02. mystical
03. untrodden island
04. his tenderness, his love
05. his memories, his pain
06. vise versa
07. a gem-mining town
08. I will guard you
09. his other face, his cruelty
10. his insanity, his real wish
11. your future is up to you
12. now we have found
13. battle on to the east
14. take action!
15. what she was here for
16. you have to make up your mind
17. time to sail!
18. a place called Eden
19. サイハテ (TV Edit)
20. the land of east
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