Golden Kamuy SS1 – SS3 OP&ED Original Soundtrack [MP3/FLAC]

Golden Kamuy『ゴールデンカムイ』第1-3期 OST SS1 – SS3 OP&ED Original Soundtrack

Golden Kamuy Season 1

OP Single – Winding Road

Release DateApril 18, 2018
Tracklist01. Winding Road
02. Take Me Under
03. The Anthem
04. Dead End in Tokyo [Jagz Kooner Remix]
File SizeMP3 41MB
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ED Single – Hibana

Release DateJune 06, 2018
Tracklist01. Hibana
02. Flash of a Spear
03. Hibana (Instrumental)
04. Flash of a Spear (Instrumental)
File SizeMP3 34MB
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Golden Kamuy Season 2

OP Single – Reimei

ArtistSayuri × MY FIRST STORY
Release DateDecember 05, 2018
Tracklist01. Reimei
02. Yodaka no Uta
03. Mikazuki -Hiro (MY FIRST STORY) Vo ver.-
04. Tsuki to Hanabata -Hikigatari ver.-
05. CHiLD-error- Sayuri Hikigatari ver.
06. Reimei – TV Anime『Golden Kamuy』OP ver.-
File SizeMP3 110MB | FLAC 456MB
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ED Single – Tokeidai no Kane

Artisteastern youth
Release DateNovember 14, 2018
Tracklist01. Tokeidai no Kane
02. Junkan Bass
03. Aruita Hate ni Nani mo Nakute mo
File SizeMP3 31MB
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Golden Kamuy Season 3

OP Single – Grey

Release DateNovember 25, 2020
Tracklist01. Grey
02. Holo
03. fall
04. 恋をする自分が好きなだけだと思う
05. Hello Blue Days
File SizeMP3 40MB | FLAC 126MB
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ED Single – Yuusetsu

Release DateDecember 02, 2020
Tracklist01. 融雪
02. ラストページ
03. 融雪 (instrumental)
04. ラストページ (instrumental)
File SizeMP3 42MB | FLAC 134MB
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Golden Kamuy Original Soundtrack

ComposerKenichiro Suehiro
Release DateMarch 27, 2019
01. Beginning of the Journey
02. Gold Bars Taken Away
03. Wen Kamuy
04. Hinna Hinna
05. Ainu Kotan
06. Merciless Vice-Commander
07. Rebellious Intelligence Officer
08. Trackers
09. Flight
10. Osoma
11. Kamuy Mosir
12. What Lives On
13. Hunter’s Spirit
14. The Scent of Death
15. Beasts
16. Hokuchin Unit
17. Ghost of Bakumatsu
18. Ushiyama the Undefeated
19. Shine
20. Repun Kamuy
21. Tanigaki Hunt
22. Huchen Flower
23. Proprietress
24. Selfish Longing
25. The Trickster Fox
26. The Woman Who Sees

01. Women’s Season
02. A True Artisan
03. Edogai
04. Inside the Belly
05. Race
06. Ani, Where it All Began
07. Cikapasi
08. The Uncle I Don’t Know
09. Contact
10. Airship
11. Bothersome
12. Blessed Road
13. On the Night of the New Moon
14. The Radial Five Winged Prison House
15. Killer Whale
16. Appetite for Destruction
17. Overrun
18. Distorted Revenge
19. Blue Eyes
20. Aca
21. Sniper
22. Loss
23. Concord
24. To Karafuto
File SizeMP3 340MB
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