Blue Archive Original Soundtrack Vol.1 ~Longing for the memorable days~ [MP3/FLAC]

Blue Archive Original Soundtrack Vol.1 ~Longing for the memorable days~

ComposerMitsukiyo, KARUT, Nor
Release DateMarch 24, 2022
TracklistBlue Archive Original Soundtrack Vol.1
~Longing for the memorable days~
Disc 1

01. Constant Moderato
02. Midsummer cat
03. Connected Sky
04. Shooting Stars
05. Step by Step
06. MX Adventure
07. Irasshaimase
08. Daily Routine 247
09. Future Bossa
10. Lemonade Diary
11. Plug and Play
12. Water Drop
13. Signal of Abydos
14. Sugar story
15. ARES
16. Vibes
17. Future Lab
18. After the Beep
19. Rolling beat
20. Accelerator
Disc 2
01. Mischievous Step
02. Mechanical JUNGLE
03. Virtual Storm
04. Tech N Tech
05. Party time
06. Endless Carnival
07. Fade Out
08. Alert
09. CrossFire
10. Interface
11. Out of Control
12. Mechanical JUNGLE Hard Arrange
13. Fearful Utopia
15. Denshi Toujou!
16. Kaiten Screw!!!
17. CrossFire Hard Arrange
18. Fevertime
19. Library of Omen
MP3/FLAC Size198MB | 619MB
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    1. Hey, can you upload 優しい詩。(Yasashii Uta) by RSP in mp3 320K? As per my knowledge, it’s probably a digital single released in 2013. I’d be really grateful if you upload it… Thanks.


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