Composer: Toshiyuki O’mori, azusa, Kohei Tsunami, Masaru Yokoyama, Tetsuya Muramatsu, Naoya Kurosawa, Shinya Tada, Kazunori Ashizawa, D.watt, Kei Yoshikawa, Toshiyuki Machida, Hiromu Itoh, M-TAKU, Yusuke Okamoto, 伊藤玄将, Kyogo Kawaguchi, Norway, Hiroo Ishida, Hideakira Kimura

Seiyuu/Artist: azusa, Haruka Morishima (CV: Shizuka Ito), Kaoru Tanamachi (CV: Rina Satoh), Sae Nakata (CV: Hiromi Konno), Ai Nanasaki (CV: Yukana), Rihoko Sakurai (CV: Ryoko Shintani), Tsukasa Ayatsuji (CV: Kaori Nazuka), Risa Kamizaki (CV: Mai Kadowaki) Miya Tachibana (CV: Kana Asumi),

Release DateDecember 21, 2016
TracklistDISC 1 Amagami SS Vocal Songs
01. i Love
02. キミの瞳に恋してる
03. 花
04. きっと明日は…
05. 風に吹かれて
06. あなたしか見えない
08. 君のままで
09. 恋はみずいろ
10. min
11. 恋はあせらず
12. 星
13. 嘆きの天使
14. White or Black
15. 恋のゆくえ
16. パンドラの恋
17. 素敵なある日
18. あのね
DISC 2 Amagami SS Character Image Songs For You…
01. Wonderful Days
02. 想いの風はどこまでも
03. Love Scene
04. プレゼント
05. 幸せの砂浜
06. Sweet Message
07. I Believe
08. stories
DISC 3 Amagami SS+ plus Vocal Songs
01. Check my soul
02. Your Smile
03. アイスクリーム日和
05. Distance
06. 真冬のセレナーデ
07. Sweet Graduation
08. Wonder Land
09. 告白
DISC 4 Amagami SS Soundtrack
01. Dedicated to the birds
02. Flower of life
03. The place I met you
04. Dog and flowers
05. After the shower
06. Secret motion
07. She’s walking with flowers
08. The distance
09. You are so sunshine
10. Melody of a lachrymal gland
11. Elephant dance
12. The first feeling
13. Glamorous switch
14. Swimming in the night air
15. Her heart is jumping around
16. Close encounters of the third kind
17. Girl’s talk
18. Cabbage’s tears
19. A beautiful lie
20. A crescent moon in the daylight
21. After all
22. A labyrinth of love
23. Green tea for two
24. Perspective of a toy poodle
25. Stand up! My soul!
26. The reincarnation of Queen
27. The heartbeat you never know
28. Orange clover
29. Rose drawn in sumi
30. Remember today
31. A little bird on my hand
32. Thousands of miracles
33. My blue galaxy
DISC 5 Amagami SS Soundtrack
01. The grand daughters of Panther
02. Illuminations of Destination.
03. Colorful daily calendar
04. She’s walking with flowers (Strings Ver.)
05. Her heart is jumping around (Accordion Ver.)
06. Non stop pink gold
07. A little bird on my hand (Oboe Ver.)
08. Walking along, shining along
09. Walking on the glass steps
10. Sweet actually
11. Swimming in the wind
12. The hero’s sky
13. For you & her & her
14. A teyandei beautiful day
15. Jingle Bell
16. Kiyoshi KonoYoru
17. Morobito Kozorite
18. Welcome to PrilaPrula
19. Spicy or spacy
20. Before saying good night
21. Sunny side of her smile
22. Her sealed passion
23. A hole, fallen from a hole
24. Oh!Koryahonma Mikisan
25. He is all she can see
26. Like a black cat
27. CM of bubbles between dreams
DISC 6 Amagami SS+ plus Soundtrack
01. Sunset drops
02. la la Lu to become a cat
03. Chased by tin army men
04. Theme of Grasshopper Man
05. Loved by King Squid
06. Rising happiness
07. How can I forgive marble chocolate
08. How can I forgive noodle bread
09. Pastel Crossing
10. Pastel Footbridge
11. Dozing Alice
12. Even if we’re reborn
13. Dried grass in Tsugaru strait
14. The Best horror sound for you
15. Sakura_Sakura
16. Spiral toward You -Check my soul
17. For you to shine tomorrow -kokuhaku-
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